About Us

About Westwind Tie-dye Company

We’ve developed our tie-dye process over the 16 years we have been in the tie-dye business. A Large part of that process is taking the time necessary to do the job right. Tie-dyes like these are in-work about a week before they emerge with brilliant colors that stay bright a long, long time (nearly forever it seems– my favorite shirt is a Blue Guitar I made for a Moody Blues concert I attended in 1996! And it’s still nearly as bright as day one). You don’t have to worry about bleeding and fading, our painstaking tie-dye procedure means you can  wash your new tie-dye with other colored loads right from the start! (Don’t Worry, Be Happy)!

Each and every tie-dye we sell is individually hand-dyed by us; they are truly one-of-a-kind originals.

Over the years we’ve traveled from show to show and set up our work at music festivals and street fairs all over the United States. Perhaps you’ve visited us at one of our live events. I’m truly Grateful for the lasting friendships with many people both in and out of the tie-dye business. Thanks for visiting Westwind Company– I hope you’ll check us out again and again! Once your new tie-dye arrives, you’ll see what I mean when I say that our quality is unparalleled. Make Westwind Company ‘Your Home for Tie-dye T-shirts’! Repeat customers have traveled 300 miles on several occasions because they knew we were at a particular event; they wouldn’t settle for the run-of-the mill tie-dye work that’s out there.

Luckily, you won’t have to travel 300 miles (although that show WAS fun), all you have to do is find us on the web and you’re ‘in like flint’!